Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ego oge geo eog

But equally memorable, and the winner of the non-existent prize for the festival’s oddest performer, was Estonia's Orelipoiss (pictured left) at a jazz bar on Friday afternoon. The alter ego of actor/poet/theatrical lyricist Jaan Pehk, Orelipoiss is high-concept folk-schlager-karaoke. Whether playing an electric guitar or singing to backing tracks, none of the songs sung are longer than 90 seconds. All in Estonian, they sport lyrical repetition and absurd subject matter. One repeats the lines, “Please little hippy, cut your hair, I'm going to give you the money." Another repeats, “Through the fog of autumn I am running.” Estonian folk songs are recast as rumba. As far from heavy metal as is imaginable, Orelipoiss is proof there's a place in Finland for anything.


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There's a place in Finland for anything :)

Edu ja õnne, mis muud!

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